Electricity Pricing & Terms

Residential Pricing

Basic Plan Information

Effective 1 July 2019

Everyday Usage charge:

31.12 cents/kWh (GST Inclusive)

Daily Supply charge:

88.0 cents/day (GST Inclusive)

Solar Feed in Tariff:

9.10 cents/kWh (GST not applicable)
Feed-in tariffs available for eligible customers. Contact us for details.

You can use this Basic Plan Information to compare our rates to others available at Tonsley via the Australian Government on the Energy Made Easy website.

Other Charges

You may incur charges in addition to your Everyday Usage and Daily Supply charges. The prices below are current as of 1 July 2019.

$42.13 (inclusive of GST)

$42.13 (inclusive of GST)

Terms & Conditions

View our Small Customer Standard Retail Contract.

Commercial Pricing - Small Business Customer (<160MWh and demand <70 kVA)

Tariffs Excluding GST:

32 cents per kWH

32 cents per kWH

Daily Supply Charge
91 cents per day